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Events at Farrow East Harley-Davidson®

The Oldest Harley Ride in America - The 97th Annual Endurance Ride

November 21, 2021 9:30AM - 4:00PM

The Endurance Ride has been going on for over 96 years! 2021 marks the 97th year of this incredible endurance challenge!
In 1924, The Farrow family took some bikes out for a ride to see how they would operate ion the cold Southern Ohio air, snow and mud. They road out early in the morning and returned to a HOT Thanksgiving-style meal back at the dealership. This continued the following year...and years after...and became an immediate tradition for the Farrow Harley-Davidson dealership! 

Over the past 96 years, groups have gathered in all sorts of weather to make the journey to America's Oldest Harley Dealer in Columbus, Ohio, Farrow Harley-Davidson. 

It was indeed a true test of human and machine 90+ years ago. Today with our modern gear and equipment we suffer far less but it can be less than ideal weather. They said Screw It, Let’s Ride!… and so should YOU!

The ride begins at 5840 Scarborough Blvd., and we will select a destination (typically the original dealership location in Nelsonville Ohio) based on weather conditions, and then return to the store, to warm up with a delicious Thanksgiving-style dinner!

The Endurance Ride - Be a Part Of Harley History!
Oldest Harley Ride in America!

To pay homage to those who rode before
To sustain and grow the Oldest Harley Ride in America
To share the meaning and spirit of Thanksgiving with a full catered meal along side your riding family

Where: Farrow Harley-Davidson EAST, Columbus, Ohio
When: meet 9:00am, Nov 21st
Kickstands up 10:00am
Turkey dinner 2:30pm
- Ride is free
- Catered Dinner $20
- Commemorative T-shirt $20
- Get shirt AND dinner for $35

The safety of the riders comes first and foremost. If poor weather and/or bad road conditions are in place, this ride will be postponed or cancelled. We will watch the weather as the event gets closer. Based on conditions, we could make the announcement as late as the day before. Please stay tuned to our social media channels for updates.

Based on previous years rides (and road/weather conditions,) the route may be different. This also will be determined closer to the date.
We will do ONE of these options as a full group.
Route Options:
1.) 10am - To Nelsonville, Ohio and back. Approximately 3-4 hours of road time
2.) 10am - To AMA  for a sMotorcycle Hall of Fame and Museum for a stop, and then return to Farrow Downtown for Lunch. Approximately 1-hour of road time
3.) Noon - Stay near Farrow East and return to Farrow East for Lunch. Less than 1 hour of road time


You MUST fill out a Ride Waiver to join our rides. This form is specifically for the Endurance Ride:
Endurance Ride Waiver Release & Consent.pdf

The Oldest Harley Ride in America - The 97th Annual Endurance Ride
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