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Every Saturday - FREE Donuts Biker Breakfast!

January 07, 2023 9:00AM
(Occurs every week on Saturday)

Everyone loves Motorcycles and Donuts...especially for BREAKFAST!

Start your day the SWEET way! With FREE Donuts & Coffee every Saturday at the riders gathering place, Farrow Harley-Davidson! 

Stop by before a ride, swing in to meet friends, or just visit to see the latest bikes, gear and accessories we have to offer. Enjoy some FREE fresh donuts and coffee, while you plan rides, meander through the store, or just hang out. 

Too many donuts can result in an atomic sugar buzz, uncontrollable giggling, and difficulty focusing on tasks at hand, and should be controlled by each individual rider. Therefore we ask that you limit your intake to a responsible level. It is extremely difficult to eat donuts responsibly while driving or especially riding, so, they are for on-site consumption only.

Upcoming dates

  • April 01, 2023 9:00AM
  • April 08, 2023 9:00AM
  • April 15, 2023 9:00AM
  • April 22, 2023 9:00AM
  • April 29, 2023 9:00AM
Every Saturday - FREE Donuts Biker Breakfast!
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